Rod Ends

A rod end is an effective technical item which can be used for many different purposes. Rod ends are often found in machines of all sizes, from drones to musical instruments to agricultural vehicles. We offer rod ends as a possible connection part for our gas struts. We always offer you a wide choice, in both gas struts and the relevant connection parts. Each gas strut can be provided with a steel or stainless steel connection part. We can also supply end fittings for your application. They are available in straight or angled versions. Moreover, we can supply stainless steel or plastic mounts and brackets. Hence, we have an appropriate solution for any application.

Perhaps you not quite sure about what you need exactly? Please feel free to contact our professionals. We would be happy to give you professional advice. You can place an order over the phone or via our website. You can select the type of gas strut as well as the cylinder-piston ratios. Then all you have to do is pass on the dimensions. You give us the compression or the traction /extension force and select the connection parts, such as rod ends. The scope of the generated forces is stated per cylinder-piston ratio. You can opt for any extras, such as a valve or higher heat resistance. Finally, fill in the quantity you require. We can supply from one single gas strut to a complete production batch. No need to search any further because we can handle any order.

Rod end applications

Rod ends come in all sizes. The smallest rod ends are used in musical instruments and high precision medical equipment. On the other hand, rod ends are also found in heavy industrial applications. Each type of rod end is tuned to its purpose. By making smart use of the materials one can find a number of possible solutions for different situations.

A good example of this approach is our stainless steel connection parts. They are applied in the ship building industry where corrosion occurs frequently. Using stainless steel prevents this and enhances the life span of the gas strut. The rod end helps to extend this effect even further. The smart shape ensures that the forces which are not absorbed by the gas strut are cushioned. Thus, the load of the strut is distributed evenly without the piston being worn out more on one side. We ensure the benefits of the gas struts are the best, including their durability.

Combine a gas strut with a rod end

We combine our gas struts with a set of extraordinarily practical connection parts to help you in any situation. We have the solutions for you, from the precision of the angled ball joints to the power of the clevis fork head. Our experts would be happy to help you find the ideal connection part for your application.

The rod ends we supply are made from steel or from stainless steel coated with PTFE. This combination generates the least friction and needs no maintenance after assembly. External loads are handled well and you can enjoy the benefits of your application for a long time thanks to the gas strut.
  Rapid delivery of gas struts by SpringMasters SpringMasters gas struts are very suitable for numerous purposes. Many customers use our struts; from the furniture industry to the automotive industry. Each line of business has its own rules and requirements. We handle this with care, ensuring that everyone receives the best product. You can configure your gas strut online yourself. On doing so, you have a choice from several practical basic models:

Each of these models can be customised almost completely to your requirements. You select the required piston-cylinder ratio from our range and then determine the dimensions. You also specify the required compression or traction force and which connection parts have to be mounted. The dimensions of, for example, the rod ends which are applied to your gas strut are also immediately visible. Thus, you will know immediately what the total length of the strut will be. In addition to the rod end options, you can inform us immediately of the quantity you require. We work with a very flexible process. SpringMasters is the place to come to irrespective of whether you need a single gas strut or a complete production batch.

SpringMasters, your gas strut specialist with a wide range

Our wide range enables us to help you in many different situations. Moreover, we are proud of our short delivery times. You will be provided with your gas struts as soon as possible, irrespective of the quantity you require.

In addition to customised gas struts, we can also provide you with professional advice. You can phone us during office hours or send us an e-mail. Our advice is based on years of experience in this line of business. We would be happy to help you find the ideal strut for your assignment, including connection parts. We have rod ends, clevis forks, eyes ends and more ready for you. Our service goes a step further whereby we can help you with the development of your prototype.

Whilst your project is still in its prototype phase, the required compression and traction forces may change. Hence we can supply gas struts with a valve to adjust the gas pressure afterwards. We would be happy to help you find the optimal pressure level. Once the prototype has been completed, we can shift and immediately start manufacturing gas struts of any quantity. From a few single units to mass production; SpringMasters grasps every challenge with both hands. Contact us quickly and discover how you can benefit from our complete service.


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