Clevis Forks

Clevis forks are often used as connectors in numerous applications. They are used to connect moving parts such as gas struts. Clevis forks come in various shapes and sizes. SpringMasters supplies clevis forks to not only connect gas struts but also dampers. Our modular system offers you a choice between various connection parts for your gas struts. Each connection part has its own advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps you are not sure which one is the most suitable for your project? In that case we would be happy to provide you with professional advice. Contact us and discover our complete service. From separate units for a prototype to a production batch which suits your mass production system. SpringMasters makes sure it all comes together nicely.

The advantages of a gas strut with a clevis fork

The clevis fork connection is very popular because it is a good way to distribute forces. Thus, the gas strut can function optimally under heavy loads. Impact forces and tensile forces are distributed effectively over the application. They are very flexible and can be supplied in various versions. A good example is the stainless steel clevis fork. It was developed to be used together with the stainless steel gas struts for structures in moist environments. These stainless steel products are usually used in the shipbuilding industry. Customised gas struts can be fitted easily on engine hatches, radar arches and more. The advantages of a clevis fork can also be found in many other applications. For example, they are used in the machinery industry, the automotive industry and sunbeds. The only disadvantage of a gas strut with clevis forks is that the way it is mounted is very important. These connection parts only work properly if the gas strut is connected in a straight line between the two connecting points. If this is a hindrance to your project, SpringMasters can also supply you with other practical connection parts.

Additional connections with a gas strut

Apart from using a clevis forks to connect our gas struts, one can use other connection parts. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We would be happy to acquaint you with the most suitable connection for your project. In addition to clevis forks , we offer the following three options:

A clevis fork for all your gas struts

Clevis fork connections can be used on various types of gas struts. SpringMasters can offer you four different models. Each model has its own unique characteristics, but they all share SpringMaster’s high quality. Our range includes:

We can offer you the best option for your project. In addition we can provide you with professional knowledge. We can provide answers to all your questions pertaining to gas struts. Moreover we can help you practically in the prototype phase of your project. Our gas struts can be supplied with various levels of force. But, if you are not sure how much force needs to be cushioned by the strut to be used comfortably, we can provide a special gas strut with a valve. The gas pressure can then be adjusted to an ideal level. Is your prototype ready and is it time to start batch production? We can change our production line swiftly for your completely customised gas struts. You will receive tailor-made solutions equipped with a clevis fork, an eye end or another connection part of your choice.

SpringMasters, outstanding service and a wide range of products

SpringMasters’ complete service is in demand globally. It has many possibilities at hand to fine tune the gas struts to all requirements, with something for everyone. You can choose from a list of available piston and cylinder diameters. Making it easy to tell us which dimensions you need for your gas strut. You can also see directly what the scope of the gas strut is, regarding the force it can provide. When making a choice from our connection parts, the length of these parts is automatically taken into consideration. You will know exactly the exact dimensions of your gas strut, your clevis forks, etc. We will deliver your ordered struts as soon as possible. You will benefit from SpringMasters’ high price-quality ratio in no time at all. We are ready for your large scale jobs or for a single gas strut for a special project. Order your customized gas struts online, equipped with a clevis fork or one of our other practical connection parts. Contact SpringMasters now and find out what we can do for you. SpringMasters adheres to its three pillars


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