|Eye ends

Eye ends are available in many standard sizes and various material types. Eye ends make it possible to achieve the correct total size (heart eye end-heart eye end) with a standard gas strut fitted with thread. It is also possible to have eye ends manufactured entirely to your needs.


|Ball joints

Ball joints are often used in situations where it is difficult to mount the gas spring in a straight line between the two pivot points. The ball joint prevents an adverse loading of the piston rod on the guide piece, which improves the life of the gas struts.


|Clevis forks

Clevis forks are used in constructions where high pressures and or loads occur on the connecting parts. Clevis forks can withstand high impact and pulling forces. When using clevis forks, the gas strut must be mounted in a straight line between the mounting points.


|Rod ends

Rod ends are used in applications where a combined axial and radial load can occur on the connecting parts. Due to the steel on PTFE fabric, our rod ends have a low frictional resistance and do not require any further maintenance after installation.


Brackets & applications

Bolt bracket

Ball bracket