Ball joints

Sometimes it is practical to use an ball joint when mounting a gas strut. It gives the application greater manoeuvrability and thus one can mount gas struts at unusual angles. We provide two solutions for such situations, depending on your requirements. The angled ball joints can be in line with the piston rod or the cylinder. The rod can also be mounted at an angle. Hence, you can place the gas strut at the precise required position and angle. Limited spaces are not a problem. After all, gas struts do not need an external source of energy. Only a blockable gas strut has a tube/cable for the control unit. But SpringMasters has also got various solutions for such control applications.

Mechanical applications for ball joints

Ball joints, like so many technical innovations, were copied from Mother Nature. Inspired by the joints in our shoulders and hips, they offer a lot of free movement. Nowadays, they are used in numerous complex machines. The automotive industry uses ball joints in the suspension to make the drive comfortable. They can often be seen in combination with gas struts or hydraulic /pneumatic applications.

The ball joint is highly suitable for these purposes, thanks to the free movement and precision it offers. Applications can move smoothly and the durable joints cushion external forces effectively.

Combining gas struts with ball joints

SpringMasters has a lot of experience with using ball joints in combination with our gas struts. Many of our models are suitable for a ball joint as a connection part. They are made from high quality materials which guarantee a long lifespan. Using ball joints enables gas struts to be mounted at unusual angles. The struts work equally well at any angle and provide a precisely adjusted compression or traction force.

We specify online the forces of each piston/cylinder ratio. You fill in the required dimensions and we deliver your new gas strut as soon as possible. We can do this for a single gas strut or for a complete production batch. Irrespective of whether they concern repairs or large scale production; we ensure that you receive your gas struts quickly. SpringMasters has become a well-known concept in many lines of business, from ship building and the automotive industry to food production and the furniture industry.

Advantages of a ball joint

The most important advantage of a ball joint is its free movement. It does not require additional maintenance and thanks to modern production methods, it is very durable. Such freedom of movement means the gas strut can be mounted in the most diverse angles and rotational directions.

Order gas struts, including end fittings, easily online

A ball joint can be mounted with all the types of gas struts we supply. You can choose from various dimensions and materials. In addition, there are several practical extra functions for special situations. A good example is the presence of a valve in order to be able to adjust the gas pressure at a later point. We can also provide gas struts with higher thermal resistance. Standard gas struts work at temperatures between -30 and 80 degrees Celsius. The upper limit of adjusted gas struts can be increased to 200 degrees Celsius. Thus, SpringMasters products can be applied in the most diverse applications. We also provide a wide range of gas struts including:

Each of these units can be fitted with various connection parts. Examples include a ball joint, rod ends and a clevis fork. Discover SpringMasters’ wide range.

SpringMasters, high quality, rapid delivery times

In addition to high quality gas struts, you can also count on us for short delivery times and great service. If required, we can be of service in the early prototype phase of your project. We can provide the gas struts you require and adjust the gas pressure to the requirements of the project. Moreover, the connection parts can be unscrewed and replaced. We can fit them easily with a ball joint, a clevis fork or another connection part. We can continue working with you after the prototype has been completed and is ready for production. We can increase the batch size of the gas struts immediately so that you do not have to waste any time.

The interesting price-quality ratio and our customer-minded service has resulted in a long list of satisfied customers. This applies to The Netherlands as well as internationally. We work on every order diligently to provide you with the best product. SpringMasters is also the right place for professional advice in the field of gas struts and their implementation. We can explain the many advantages of our products to you. Good examples are the stainless steel gas struts for the shipbuilding industry. The stainless steel cylinders, piston rods as well as the connection parts are ideal for wet environments.

Do not hesitate to contact SpringMasters or place an order online. You determine the precise dimensions, any additions and the pressure or extension forces the gas strut must provide. You can choose the connection parts at the same time, such as ball joint, and benefit from our short delivery time. SpringMasters adheres to its three pillars


|Right-angle ball joint

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|Ball socket

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|Axial ball joint

Available with different specifications upon request. More info +31(0)541-682186

Other connection parts

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